Floods happen – here are the worst things you can do

There’s no getting away from it, floods happen in the USA every year. Recovery from flooding costs billions and we all know about insurance companies refusing coverage because the likelihood of risk is too high.

Staying safe in any kind of flood is the most important thing you can do. But sometimes a crisis clouds our decision making and so here’s a list of things not to do… ever.

Driving through floodwater

Fast-moving flood water is a huge threat. First, you don’t know how deep it is. 18 inches of water will float most vehicles, 24 inches can carry it away.

Secondly, if you drive into flood water and do get stuck or carried away others will need to come and rescue you, and there are much better ways for them to spend their time.

Don’t get into flood water

Floodwater can be nasty stuff, so even if it is flat still water you don’t want to get close to it. In certain places, flood water could have snakes and alligators. Other areas might have fire ants! Even with no critters, you are opening yourself to risk of disease and sewage. Unless there’s no other choice, keep out of flood water.

Flood warnings are for real

Flood warnings mean floods are already happening in the area. So even if where you are is fine right now, still pay attention to flood warnings. What a warning means is you need to take preventative action right now.

Never use electrical devices in a flooded home or building

If the outlets or channels have sustained water damage you could be electrocuted. It is also possible that some places have lost power but others not, so play it safe and don’t use the electrics in a flooded building.

Interact with wild animals

Wild animals could be carrying disease and they could be dangerous too. Humans find dealing with a flood hard enough. Wild animals will be even more disturbed.

Don’t wear shorts and a t-shirt

Make sure you’re properly protected. It might seem like a good idea to be in shorts, but for the reasons mentioned above, you don’t want bare legs. You do want to have a firm footing, flip-flops are a bad idea. It is one thing to be standing in flood water. It’s a different can of worms to fall over.

Don’t leave mold and mildew after the event

Get in the house and dry it out right away because these two can create horrific restoration problems. Get into the damaged areas and dry them out a quickly as you can. The further mold grows up the walls, the more wall you will need to repair or even remove.

Floods are a fact of life, and global warming means that more of us than ever before have now experienced them. It makes sense for us to protect ourselves and our families. We can also take all reasonable precautions to protect our home and property. Floods are dangerous but you can survive.