How I prepared for a flood

When I moved to Illinois to care for my grandmother, one of the things I had to be concerned about was flooding. I had lived in the middle of Texas for most of my life, so I had no idea how to protect both myself and my elderly grandmother from a flood.

Thankfully one of my grandmother’s friends had a house where they had been taking her if a flood hit, and being the methodical person I am, I memorized that route until I could go there with my eyes closed.

Then, just in case I couldn’t go there, I began to prepare the house for flood safety.

My preparations

Preparing for evacuation entailed ensuring both my grandma and I had enough food and water to live on for about three to five days. Thankfully we both are big soup eaters so several cans of Campbell’s, a can opener, and a pair of spoons were good enough on the food front.

I then added a few tools, phone chargers, radio with a few extra packs of batteries, and a first aid kit with my grandma’s to the box and we were as prepared as we were going to get on the supply front.

I moved to finish a job some of my grandmother’s friends had started, and began working to fortify the house. Professionals installed backflow drains on most of the pipes to prevent water from coming up, I put seals on most of the lower walls, and made copies of our insurance plan and took pictures of our home.

Putting them on my cloud server ensured I could pull them up from any device and I’d be able to repair any damage or get any insured items replaced, especially since my grandmother loved her home decorations!

Needing that prep time

Unfortunately, it turned out that all the time I spent prepping was needed as a massive storm hit the area a few weeks after my arrival, and the roads soon became impassible.

So I led my grandma up to her bedroom on the second floor and we stayed there, preparing for the worst as I watched the thunder and lightning crash against the house as the water began to rise, huddling against the bed as we listened to the radio for updates on the storm.

It took a few hours of anxious waiting but the storm eventually passed us, and I moved downstairs the next morning to see what had happened.

Our backyard wouldn’t be hosting any of my grandmother’s famous gatherings for a while, but upon my inspections, no large amounts of water had gotten into the house and what water did get in wasn’t enough to cause more than minor damage.

Rescue crews combed the area over the following days, but our house was untouched by the water or the storm. Thanks to my preparation skills and a little luck, we were safe, secure, and I’m now the favourite grandchild of the family!